The Shepherd Company

Over 60 years ago Ken Shepherd created the “Kenneth L. Shepherd Company” with the idea of providing exceptional sales and service for the automotive aftermarket to the Rocky Mountain region. Ken’s goal was to create a business concept that served the Manufacturing Sector as well as the Dealer/Jobber utilizing “push through” and “pull through” selling. Back then the core of our business was primarily serving the automotive aftermarket and providing an avenue for the manufacturer to place their products into the automotive jobbers inventory and onto their store shelves. It was our mission to foster those relationships and keep those channels of supply and demand open and active for all parties involved.

Throughout the last 60 + years the market place has rapidly evolved, transformed and morphed into many specialized segments and “The Shepherd Company” (as we’re now known) has adapted right alongside. As our factories & manufacturers grew and branched out into these new markets we grew as well. In 1989 we became a corporation and our headquarters in Denver, Colorado went through multiple expansions: we added new territories, new accounts and additional sales associates. Today we have the ability to cover the entire United States (via a strategic partner), however, our core business still services Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. The one constant throughout our evolution has been our dedication to our founder’s ideals of providing exceptional sales & service, representing ourselves and our suppliers in a professional manner and fostering long term relationships with our business partners.

Speaking of long term relationhsips, we're known for our loyalty and committment as well. In fact, we just recently celebrated our 62nd year with 2 factories, 40 + years of service with 3 factories and 30 + years with 2 others.



The Shepherd Company

1425 Holland Street

Denver, CO 80215